New Contributors!

So over the next week or so, I’m planning to add some more people here. It’s simply that I’m kind of lazy and I think I might have more motivation to post if I wasn’t the only one adding content. I get wigged out by schedules on stuff I’m not being compensated for, to be honest, and yet I would really like to maintain this blog in order to publish more of my writing that isn’t related to social-justice or feminist analyses of media.

That’s a lot of what I’ll be focusing on in adding people to this blog: other people who are women, people of color, LGBT or other groups where our opinions on media tends to get pigeonholed into talking about what is sexist/racist/homophobic/etc. about it. That’s a valuable perspective, and one that you’ll definitely find plenty of on this blog, but it’s not the only one most of us have to offer. Media criticism in general needs less straight white males, not just the parts of it focusing on social justice, and it’s frustrating for those of us who have a whole range of thoughts on media to find that’s the only one people want to hear from us. We’re far more than just whatever societal oppressions we face.

The first person I’m adding is Eric McLeod, a friend of mine from “Anitwitter”. He is a history and film student who also has a strong interest in anime, but not only. Expect some of his posts, especially on recent anime series, up here soon!

I hope you enjoy his writing as much as mine, and I’ll keep updating if I add even more people!

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