Comments Policy

So while we’ve only just started this blog, we’ve already received a few comments that required moderation. Just so people are clear, we will be deleting any comments that fit the following parameters, based on our experiences from commenting on other media-analysis-centered corners of the Internet:

  • Blatant spam or other self-promotion, especially when completely unrelated to the post at-hand. (Promoting your own blog’s take on a subject is fine, promoting where to buy the  best knock-off purses is not.)
  • Phobic content, including sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and so on. This includes anything along the lines of “see, feminists/skeletons have nothing good to say ever!” Also, any rape jokes/apologism or other forms of victim-blaming.
  • Off-topic derailments and randomness.
  • Personal attacks, harassment, etc. toward either the OP or other commenters.
  • Anything that shows a general hostility to media criticism/analysis, rather than the claims of a particular post. Includes examples of Moff’s Law, “why not just make it yourself if you hate it so much,” etc.
  • Any comment that can be summed up as “NOT ALL [fandom/Internet community/anything other than a societally marginalized group].” This includes “NOT ALL BRONIES”, “NOT ALL 4CHANNERS”, etc.
  • Anything from someone who’s been previously IP-banned.

What falls here is up to the blog contributors’ individual discretions. We will be reasonable about this — for example, we don’t consider “crazy” or “stupid” to be inherently ableist terms — but we do reserve the right to decide all this for ourselves on a case-by-case basis.

Comments we do like, however!

  • Hearty debate about the topic at-hand, including respectful disagreement both with the original post and other commenters.
  • Expanding on the ideas of the post, telling us where we missed something. This includes possibly relating it to larger, broader issues.
  • Links to other people’s takes on the subject elsewhere on the Internet.
  • Discussing other media with the same pluses or minuses.
  • ANY good, on-topic discussion!

With all that said, go forth and comment! Please note that comments will all be directed originally to the moderation queue, but if they fit the above parameters I will post them immediately.

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