Welcome to my new blog!

Hi! My name is Rose. I’m 23 years old, a graduate student in musicology, and someone with a strong interest in analyzing media – specifically music, film and television (including anime). I have been up to this for a while on my Tumblr, as well as with some of the articles I’ve written for Autostraddle.

To get you started, here’s a list of some of what I consider my better posts:

Television and Film:



As you’ll see, this is heavily focused on “social justice” approaches to media, particularly with regard to feminism and LGBTQ representation. What I’m hoping to do with this blog is to carve out a space for myself to analyze media in a broader sense, outside of that niche. While I still plan to use that lens, I’d really like to widen how I’m able to write about and look at music and film media.

(I also expect to write more about music here! Since, you see, that’s my area of greatest expertise, and yet, I rarely get to write about it in the non-academic writing spaces I’ve been given. So I’d really like to flesh that out!)

Happy reading!